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3CDSG | 'How to do Business with US Army' - with special guests, inc US Army DEVCOM-ATL | 20 September 2022

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How to work with the US Army in Science and Technology

20 Sep 2022

How to work with the US Army in Science and Technology

A presentation from Dr Jon Brame, lead for Basic and Applied Research, US Army DEVCOM-ATL

The US Army Development Command (DEVCOM) is the primary Science and Technology organization for the US Army, with over 20,000 scientists and engineers with expertise in a wide range of topical areas. 

While most of the US investment in Defence-related S&T happens domestically, DEVCOM has several programs to identify, fund, and partner with innovative tech developers around the world to push forward new capabilities and strengthen the United States and our allies. 

In this talk, Dr Brame will introduce a few of those programs, the people who can help you access them, and how best to connect with the US Army DEVCOM.

Richard Morgan, President, SDSC-UK/3CRDSC; Partner, Harrison Clark Rickerbys (HCRlaw), p/t Deputy District Judge - Harrison Clark Rickerbys
Jon Brame, Basic and Applied Research Team Lead - US Army DEVCOM Atlantic