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3CDSG at Midlands Cyber Fringe Festival 23 - 27 November 2020

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3CDSG at Midlands Cyber Fringe Festival 

3CDSG 'Alternative' Autumn Seminar

Due to the impact of Covid-19 and the Government restrictions which impost a 'lock down' on England until 2nd December, 3CDSG is unable to hold its usual Autumn seminar in 2020.

We have therefore joined with the Midlands Cyber Security Centre, to support and take part in the Midlands Cyber Fringe Festival.

Described as 'On the fringe of Cyber & Security', the festival will encompass 5 days of Strategic, Operational and Technical sessions, covering:

  • Cyber industry
  • Defence & Emergency services
  • Diversity 
  • Government
  • Acceleration
  • Skills


3CDSG will have a presence throughout the event and we encourage our members to join in both our dedicated sessions (which can be identified by the accompanying 3CDSG logo) as well as relevant sessions throughout the week.

Tuesday 24th November is dedicated to the defence and security industry. However, with cyber issues being cross-sector, 3CDSG is also presenting sessions on other days during the week.

  1. 45 mins
    The risk from data loss can have catastrophic consequences for an organisation. Having many years of experience in identifying and mitigating the damage caused, Richard Morgan Partner and Head of Defe ...
    Harrison Clark Rickerbys are a Top 100 law firm, with the Country's leading Defence, Security and the Forces specialist team.
  2. 45 mins
    Having shaped UK cyber policy over many years, Professor Dan Hyde will share his experiences on how Police Forces regulate an increasingly cyber age
  1. 45 mins
    The cyber threat landscape is ever evolving and no more so than in 2020. No longer are advanced capabilities the preserve of nation states. Our cyber strategy and approaches must adapt in order to mai ...
  2. 45 mins
  1. 45 mins
    To protect your organisation you need to understand the hackers tools & mindset.