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3CDSG | Sandpit Event on Human Augmentation - DSTL In Person Event | 9 - 11 March 2022

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Sandpit Event on Human Augmentation - DSTL IN Person Event | 9 - 11 March 2022


DSTL are pleased to invite participants to apply to attend a face-to-face three-day sandpit on the use of Human Augmentation (HA) tools, techniques and technologies to achieve physical and cognitive performance enhancement in the defence and security sector.

It will prioritise ideas that focus on achieving a competitive advantage in the generation-after-next. The sandpit is funded by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), it will be organised by the University of Kent’s Future Human Signature Research Theme, and facilitated by The Collective

Participants from academia and industry that represent a diverse range of domains are encouraged to apply. The sandpit will include inputs from a variety of sources and will seek innovative propositions that will use HA to confer an advantage in physical and cognitive performance. 

The three-day multi-disciplinary sandpit event will bring together 30-35 participants who represent a variety of disciplines underpinning HA.  

Dates: Wednesday 9 March – Friday 11 March 2022. 

Location: De Vere Horsley Estate, Ockham Road South, East Horsley, KT24 6DT. 

Accommodation and meals will be provided for sandpit participants. Participants will need to fund their own travel to and from the sandpit. Participants will not be funded for their time at the sandpit. 

Funding will be made available to support research projects arising from this sandpit. Successful projects that arise from the sandpits can receive up to a maximum of £200K per year for up to three years. Attendance of the sandpit does not guarantee funding. For organisations to receive funding support following the sandpit they must have signed up to the HSSRC Framework Agreement before contract agreement.  

Expressions of interest (EOI) to attend should be submitted via email to using a specific EOI form by 6pm Friday 28 January 2022. *Please apply to the above email address to request the EOI form.

EOIs will be taken to indicate participant availability and commitment to attend the sandpit if short-listed.  

What we're looking for 

Dstl launched its HA project in April 2021 and this sandpit will help Dstl strengthen co-ordination around HA tools, techniques and technologies and to identify opportunities in this area.

The sandpit will be held Wednesday 9 March – Friday 11 March 2022. The sandpit will be an intensive, interactive, and free-thinking environment. A diverse group of participants from a range of disciplines and backgrounds will get together for three days, away from their everyday worlds, to immerse themselves in collaborative thinking processes.

The sandpit will be led by two directors, who will be supported by a team of mentors. The directors, mentors and a small number of stakeholders will attend the sandpit but will not be eligible to receive funding. Instead, their role will be to assist participants in defining and exploring challenges in this area. 

Participants should be able to apply their knowledge, skills, and experience across disciplines. We welcome participants representing any discipline that has the potential to contribute to ideas that address opportunities associated with developing human augmentation for the optimisation and enhancement of physical and cognitive performance. 

How to apply 

Applying to participate in the sandpit will be done by requesting* and completing the expression of interest (EOI) form and sending it to

An application will be taken to indicate participant availability for the sandpit dates and their commitment to attend if short-listed. Please be advised attendance for the full three days is mandatory. 

Applicants will be selected to attend by a selection panel. Your answers to the questions on the EOI form will be used to assess your application and convince a panel that you have the suitable skills and attitude to participate in this sandpit. No further documentation will be accepted. 

Deadline for applications is 6pm Friday 28 January 2022. Please note that late submissions will not be considered. We will confirm selected participants and the sandpit schedule by February 14 2022. Those selected to attend will be invited to a further online briefing event in week commencing 21 February.  

How we will assess your application 

Applications to attend the sandpit will be assessed by a selection panel consisting of the sandpit director, mentors and organisers. 

As a sandpit is predicated on an ethos of innovative collaborative working, applicants must demonstrate both enthusiasm and appropriate personal attributes for cross-disciplinary collaborative research. Furthermore, the ability to develop and pursue a new approach will also be a key criterion in selecting attendees. The panel with also ensure that participants at the sandpit represent a diverse range of expertise, knowledge and experience.  

Please note that because of the large number of applications expected, we will not be able to give individual feedback to unsuccessful applicants. 

Date and Time:

9 - 11 March 2022

Location: Location: De Vere Horsley Estate, Ockham Road South, East Horsley, KT24 6DT.