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3CDSG | Emerging Technologies to Enable Operations from 2022 Onwards | 9 March 2022

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Please find a recording of the presentation here:

Emerging Technologies to Enable Operations from 2025 Onwards


This event will be delivered fully virtually.



In September 2020 the MOD launched its Integrated Operating Concept, (IOC) a new strategic vision for defence which recognises that the world has entered an “era of persistent competition” and that the character of warfare has changed.

The overriding messages of the IOC, namely multi-domain integration and persistent engagement, subsequently underpin the thinking behind, and the conclusions of, the Integrated Review (IR) and the Defence Command Paper (DCP), which were both published in March 2021.

As part of this new approach, embracing new and emerging technologies is seen as a priority. The MOD intends to invest £6.6 billion over the next four years in defence research and development with specific focus given to emerging technologies in artificial intelligence, AI-enabled autonomous systems, cyber, space and directed energy weapons. Higher risk research and innovation is recognised as essential for modernisation.

Our seminar will focus on the requirement, arising from the IR and DCP, for 'Regional Defence & Security Clusters' which aim to enable the collaboration of our most innovative defence & security businesses to solve User requirements and 3CDSG's response to this; and will hear from two leading businesses as to their innovative responses to User challenges.


14.00 Welcome Richard Hopkins, 3CDSG 

14.03 Three Counties Regional Defence & Security Cluster (3CRDSC) Update - Richard Morgan, President 3CDSG

14.10 The rise of enabling open-architectures - what you need to know about MORA - Olly Stanley, Architect, Lockheed Martin

14.25 Q&A 

14.30 Keeping quiet with Satcom at the Tactical Edge - Tom Farmer, Head of Marketing, Paradigm

14.45 Q&A supported by Warren Ackerley, Business Development Director, Paradigm

14.55 CLOSE

Date and time

Wednesday 9 March 2022

14:00 – 15.00 GMT



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