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3CDSG Spring Seminar | 11 March 2020

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Spring Seminar and Networking Event | 11th March 2020

The first event of 2020 took place at the Green Dragon Hotel, Hereford, which has recently undergone a significant refurbishment.  Two excellent speakers attended;  Mark Chattington of Thales and Adrian Gill of Gill Harris James.  


Mark Chattington covered SME/Prime collaboration.   Emergent themes / discussions were:

  • Thales is open and welcoming of collaboration with SMEs.
  •  As a Prime it has the strategic long term relationships and senior engagement with ‘customers’ which is difficult for SME’s to establish.  That said SMEs are more agile and better at engagement with the ‘user’. 
  • There are opportunities to collaborate, provided that SMEs are content to allow Prime project and programme people into their business. 
  • The SME community is attractive to a Prime and discussions took place regarding the establishment of Prime SME Champions.  There was a general sense that SMEs cannot find/access the SME Champions. Discussion took place as to how this could be better achieved, with support from the Group. 


Adrian Gill looked at growing value in and selling a business. 

  • A practical exercise was undertaken on the evening to get those in attendance thinking about whats important to their business and how they are looking to achieve this. 
  • The activity sparked interest from a number of members with a request for more time with Adrian, possible a half day workshop for business owners facilitated by 3CDSG.