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3CRDSC | Sustainability in Defence - Why it Matters to You and Your Business | 16 January 2024 | ONLINE EVENT ONLY

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Sustainability in Defence - why it matters to you & your business

Join us for this special online seminar.

Join us for an exciting online event that explores the importance of sustainability in the defence industry. Discover how sustainable practices can benefit your business and the environment. Our expert speakers will share insights, strategies, and success stories that will inspire you to make a positive impact.

To Register for your complimentary place please click the link here.

Why should I attend?

Climate Change is one of the most critical issues of the 21st Century for defence and security. The World Health Organisation notes that climate change is directly contributing to humanitarian emergencies and these are increasing in scale, frequency and intensity. The result is increased political instability and the fostering of mass migration, refugee crisis and conflict.

Defence is required not only to anticipate, but to address these threats.

The Ministry of Defence Climate Change & Sustainability Strategic Approach (March 2021) notes that “The character of warfare is changing fast; so is the climate. Both issues are changing the way our military fight, live and train in unfamiliar ways. Linking these issues together, they both demand that we adapt to the new circumstances that we face and take transformative action now. We need to change mindsets, and the way we operate in peace, in war and in persistent competition.”

How and why should my business adapt sustainable principles?
Those who serve Defence need to ensure that the products and services they provide meet the future requirements of Defence Sustainability strategies. The Sustainable Support Strategy (SSS) (8 Nov 2022) and the Defence Operational Energy Strategy (7 Dec 2023) set out Defence Support’s (DefSp) initial response to the challenges climate change poses.

The SSS outlines how UK MOD plan to reduce their emissions and increase the sustainability of their operations and how UK MOD can maximise the opportunities presented through novel approaches and technology.

In Defence, Equipment & Support's 2025 Strategy DE&S are committed to having net zero carbon emissions from their operations and infrastructure across their sites by 2040, and to using carbon negative estate to support the offset of the carbon footprint from equipment by 2050.

To discuss these issues, and to show how one green tech start-up is meeting these challenges, our honoured panel will be Richard Nugee CB CVO CBE Non Executive Director for Climate Change, Sustainability and Net Zero, UK Ministry of Defence; former Chief People Officer, Executive Committee of Defence and Sam Staincliffe Founder & CTO, UpLift360.

To Register for your complimentary place please click the link here.

Following our seminar, expressions of interest will be taken for an online workshop, to explore the practical requirements to achieve sustainability in defence.


Richard Morgan, President, SDSC-UK/3CRDSC; Partner, Harrison Clark Rickerbys (HCRlaw).

Richard Nugee CB CVO CBE, Non Executive Director for Climate Change, Sustainability and Net Zero, UK Ministry of Defence; former Chief People Officer, Executive Committee of Defence

Sam Staincliffe, Co-Founder and CTO of Uplift360, a company developing technology to recycle advanced materials found in defence and aerospace.

This seminar will be delivered online. Please register below; and a link to the event will be sent to you prior to the seminar date.


Please join on line 5mins prior to our start time.

13.00 Richard Morgan: Welcome

13.05 Richard Nugee CB CVO CBE

13.30 Sam Staincliffe 

14.00 CLOSE

Date and time

Tuesday 16 January 2024

ONLINE 1300 - 1400 GMT




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