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Armed Forces Covenant (AFC)

What is the Armed Forces Covenant?

The Armed Forces Covenant (AFC) is a promise by the nation ensuring that those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, and their families, are treated fairly.

It is a pledge that, together, we acknowledge and understand that those who serve and their families should be treated with fairness and respect in the communities, the economy and the society they serve with their lives.

The covenant focuses on helping members of the armed forces community to have the same access to government and commercial services and products as any other citizen and, in certain circumstances, priority or discount access to commercial products and services, in order to recognise the commitment that members of the Armed Forces have made to our country.

More information regarding the Armed Forces Covenant can be found at 

How is 3CRDSC involved in the AFC?

3CRDSC - Silver ERS Award Holders

As the region's largest defence and security group, the Three Counties Regional Defence and Security Cluster (3CRDSC) recognises the importance of supporting our forces. 

With all members operating in the Defence and Security sector and perhaps, most importantly, with the majority of the businesses having been established by former Armed Forces Personnel or employing members of the Armed Forces Community, 3CRDSC is itself an active supporter of the Armed Forces Covenant and is keen to promote the signing of the covenant by its members.

At 3CDSE 2019, Three Counties Defence and Security Group (3CDSG) which has now become Three Counties Regional Defence and Security Cluster (3CRDSC) together with several of its members, signed the Armed Forces Covenant. We were joined by Three Counties Defence and Security (Trading) Ltd, the Company responsible for 3CDSE (which is now known as SDSC-UK).

Both 3CRDSC and SDSC-UK are currently proud holders of the Silver Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Award and are actively working towards our Gold ERS Award.

Harrison Clark Rickerbys - Gold ERS Award Holders

Having signed the covenant for the first time in November 2014, Harrison Clark Rickerbys, the law firm that initiated 3CRDSC, renewed its commitment to the Armed Forces Community at 3CDSE in 2019, by re-signing the covenant and extending the pledges it made 5 years ago. This was done in order to ensure that the support it offers to the Armed Forces Community is strengthened even further.

We are delighted that in 2019 Harrison Clark Rickerbys was also awarded the Gold Award for the Armed Forces' Employers Recognition Scheme, which recognises the lengths to which the firm has promoted the AFC and supported ex-forces personnel and their families, as well as the wider defence and security industry.

3CRDSC and SDSC-UK are proud holders of the ERS Silver Award

Bronze Award Employer Recognition Scheme

HCRlaw are proud holders of the ERS Gold Award

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