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Professor Adrian Kendry - 3CRDSC's Resident Academic

We are delighted that Professor Adrian Kendry has been 3CRDSC's Resident Academic since 2019.


Adrian Kendry was appointed NATO's Senior Defence Economist in August 2001. Until 2014 he coordinated all NATO economic intelligence and reported directly to the Office of the Secretary General on strategic economic challenges and risks confronting NATO and international security (including Afghanistan). These responsibilities included multiple presentations at international conferences and workshops in NATO member states and regional partners (including Russia) and also China.


Adrian Kendry's Presentations and Papers 2018

In 2018, his national and international conference presentations and papers included:

  • Should the Post-War Global Political, Economic and Security Order be Preserved? (Invited Lecture to the Centre for Grand Strategy at Kings College London (March)
  • The Economic-Security Nexus: The Impact of Intersecting Technology Trends in 2018  (Presentation to the NATO Strategic Foresight Analysis Future  Study and Programme, Cadiz, Spain, (April)
  • The Challenges of Inequality and Artificial Intelligence: What Role for Religion and Culture in Mitigating Conflict?  (Paper to the "Religion and Culture in Conflict and Peace" International Conference, University of Winchester (June))
  • Investment and the Security Climate in Afghanistan: Shaping the Future in Building Regional Prosperity and Security  (Invited Presentation to the First Afghanistan-United Kingdom Business Conference, DLA Piper, London (September)
  • The Alarming Age of the Negative Sum: Strategies for Rebuilding Hope and Cooperation in Shaping Our Economic, Environmental and Political Futures (Invited Special Lecture,  University of York United Nations Association (October)
  • Losing My Religion: Secularisation, Prosperity and the Nexus Between Religion, Conflict and Peace (Invited Public Enterprise Inaugural Lecture, University of Winchester, (October)
  • Presentations on Economic and Resource Trends and Implications for Russia and Eastern Europe; North Africa; and the Arctic and High North) NATO Strategic Foresight Analysis Conference and Workshops, Budapest, (November)

Adrian Kendry's Presentations and Papers 2019/2020

In 2019, Adrian was a keynote speaker on the Risks, Remedies and Resilience of Global Economies at the Tulip Time conference in Amsterdam and was also a keynote speaker on Securing and Sanctioning International Trade in the New Global Order at the UK Three Counties Defence and Security Group Forum in Hereford

In 2020, Adrian has contributed the following papers and presentations

  • Balancing Strategic Ambitions and Resources in a Kaleidoscopic and Uncertain World :The UK’s Defence Spending, Budgets, Capabilities and Economic and Financial Posture 2020-2030, Presentation and Discussion, MSTRAT programme, Strategy and Security Institute, Exeter University (January)
  • NATO’s Role and Challenges in Global Security in the 2020s Presentation and Discussion, Boston University London International Relations Course (February)
  • NATO, the UK and Challenges to European and Transatlantic Security, Presentation and Discussion, Boston University Britain and Europe Course (February)
  • The Security Implications of the Global Economic Meltdown (Paper pending publication (May 2020)